Sinasos - Mustafapaşa

This small village located just next to Ürgüp is one of the most beautiful stops that can be visited in Cappadocia valley. Sinasos, as it was called earlier , was a summer resort  of İstanbul Greeks  in the Ottoman period . Greeks, who where  known to deal  with caviar  trade in İstanbul , built many beautiful  houses in Sinasos  , where they were staying every summer .Like other locations in Anatolia , Sinasos was evacuated  in 1924 , during the population exchange  , Greek people migrated to  Greece ,  and the  village was renamed Mustafapasa. This beautiful and wealthy village , which had been very  popular in the recent past transformed  into a ghost town .

The magnificient houses of the 19 th century feel into ruin one after the other ;the existance of the village  as well as its name  was  forgotten , until the arrival of tourism .
In recent years ,churces and houses  are restored , beautiful hotels and  pensions are opened , and stone buildings are reviving in Mustafapasa .

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